How to get backlinks for your startup website

You already know that getting backlinks are important to boost your website Domain Authority, which in turn helps you in getting higher on the search engines results pages.

Where to find FIRST backlinks for a new website?

Here are some ideas where to go for your first links.

  1. Register to local online business catalogues
  2. Register on reviews websites (like Yelp, or TrustPilot – this will also help you in collecting the reviews)
  3. Sign up (for free) with customer service tool – you can post your FAQs there, which sometimes can give you a good “follow” link, and free ticketing system to serve your clients (if you need it.
  4. Content posting website, like SlideShare, photo sharing, sound sharing – yes, you will need to create some slides / images / music or sounds for that, but that’s not that difficult to do, you can hire freelancers for this.

Most of these links will be “nofollow”, so they will do little to add domain authority to your website. What they will do – increase just a little visibility of your website.

Where to find GOOD backlinks for a new website?

To get valuable backlinks you will need to reach to other websites, better if they are in your industry, and have high domain authority.

Where to find these good websites?

  • If you have more or less similar competitors, you can analyse their backlink profile, and try to get backlinks from same websites.
  • Search Google for bloggers in your niche.