Optimize images to improve SEO and CRO of your startup website

Squeeze the size of online images

Pictures are a crucial part of every website. They are used to showcase products, services, and branding elements such as logos and banners. Unoptimized photos, however, can significantly affect the functionality and user experience of the website. Small businesses should have optimized photos on their websites for the following reasons: Reduced Image File Size Makes […]

Do you really know your competitors?

Every marketer knows that it is always important to know who your competitors are, and what they do. Important part of our job is to make sure that we do better than competitors to get clients. But there are different types of competitors. Yes, you know about direct and indirect competitors, substitutions, etc. But when […]

How to get backlinks for your startup website

You already know that getting backlinks are important to boost your website Domain Authority, which in turn helps you in getting higher on the search engines results pages. Where to find FIRST backlinks for a new website? Here are some ideas where to go for your first links. Most of these links will be “nofollow”, […]